Wintex 1000 Soil Sampler

Quick, Precise, Quiet and Durable

The new era in automatic ATV soil sampler's! The Wintex1000 is the optimum solution for collecting soil samples. It's so fast and effective you will be amazed at how much your productivity, soil core quality, consistency and operator fatigue will be improved!  



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What people are saying...

The results from our four Wintex 1000 units have exceeded my expectations.  Acreage covered and sample numbers generated per unit has increased by about 50% over previous conventional sampling methods we utilized.  Equally important, the sampling errors and the need to resample due to mental errors by the technicians have decreased significantly also.  This is due to I am convinced that the technicians being less physically and mentally stressed during the sampling day, thus making less mistakes and increasing efficiency. 

The installation of the Wintex 1000 and Honda power units on our Honda Rancher ATV’s was straightforward and a rather simple process.  With a good preventive maintenance program initiated from installation of the units the downtime of our units has been minimal. 

We will be adding at least one additional unit this summer to the sampling fleet.

Phil Bender
Precision Crop Services